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We are a sophisticated full wedding planning and design company that specializes in incorporating detailed design elements with personalized touches. We pay exquisite attention to detail and have infallible customer service, for an overall unforgettable experience. We are collaborative partners to our clients, their families and with the most prominent and well-respected names in the wedding industry.

Michael & Natasha Matusik | Married May 20, 2017

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“Thank God for Amara and her team, she held our hand tightly through the entire process and told us things we would of never thought to do ourselves and would of been totally screwed the day of (LOL). Not only did Amara and the team know what they were doing but they had so many ideas and were so creative with a lot of the details that make a wedding. I had a vision and Amara was able to put it all on paper and make it become our reality. Our wedding was a dream! ”
Tasha Matusik, Bride

Where are we Located?

We are located in Yucaipa, California and Boise, Idaho and offer wedding planning services in a large range of locations in each state. We also service Destination Weddings throughout the United States. Please select your area of preference below to learn more about our team and pricing per state.

California offers a vast amount of wedding planning options, from the Beautiful Blue Ocean, to the Gorgeous Mountain Peaks. Opportunities are endless throughout any season.


When it comes to Wedding Planning, the locations are endless. We can work together to find the right city based on your guest list, head count and Wedding Vision.

The Exquisite backdrop of Rolling Hills and Stunning Riversides offer endless inspiration to Wedding Planning in Idaho. The transition between each season sets a vast variety of moods to compliment anyone’s personality.

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Bride and groom on their wedding day
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See what our clients have said about their wedding planning experience with us!

“I do not know what I would have done without [Expressed Image]… I would definitely recommend [them] to anyone planning a wedding of any size!”
Melissa Moon, Bride| March 16, 2014
“[It] made our lives easier, knowing this company had our best interest at hand. When it came down to it, it felt like a friendship.”
Tim Coumans, Groom | October 15, 2016
“I had the wedding of my dreams, thanks to Expressed Image!”
Elizabeth Spencer, Bride | June 4, 2016

Amara Cinko, President

About the President

Amara was born and raised in Southern California, where she found her passion for wedding planning while working at a local country club. She is a woman who loves God, her family and serving people just to make them smile. Her dedication and determination to assist clients on their wedding day have ignited a fiery passion in our Wedding Planning Team to go above and beyond for our clients.

Amara is still very active in both the California and Idaho Planning Teams and has future plans to expand to Rowlette, Texas.

Message from Amara:

To the Blushing Bride and Grinning Groom: Congratulations on finding your perfectly, imperfect love of your life. Remember that being a fiance is a short season, so cherish every moment and truly celebrate the love you have found in one another.